TT SGL Mag Pouch MP7 (20&30) MKII

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Universal magazine pouch with side elastic bands to hold a MP7 magazine for 20 or 30 rounds or double row magazines (e.g. H&K VP9 (SFP9), P10, P30, Walther P99Q, PDP).
The magazine can be secured via an adjustable length Velcro strap (removable) or via the included bungee cord (elastic band with Cordura strap). There is a drainage hole in the lower area at the front.

The Molle Reverse system is characterized by the fact that a push button is no longer needed and the bag is only looped and thus fastened.
It also makes the items a little slimmer and not quite as bulky.

The webbing is also different. It is no longer the “normal” webbing used, but a lighter and thinner. To ensure an optimal hold, it is enough to thread a Molle loop.

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