Tactical Light Case

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Protection, portation, and presentation are the criteria by which tatical cases are judged. The ASP Tactical Light Case (TLC) excels in each of the three categories. These are the most advanced light carriers for the professional who must employ a high performance light under stress
TLC cases are available for the Tungsten, Triad and Turbo families of illumination tools. The TLC revolves to 12 distinct positions. Cases carry lights lens down. The postion protects the light and speed presentation.
A tactical light is worn in the TLC on the Reaction Side. It is drawn in a smooth, natural grip with the thumb on the rear switch. Rapidly presented, the light may be instantly activated.
The Tactical Light Case secures lights with two opposing internal retention orbs. The TLC will snap on any miliatry, duty or dress belt. It is MOLLE compatible. The TLC attachment clip is robust and secure. It is easily repositioned or removed.
ASP TLC’s are availble in two different models. The Triad, Turbo TLC and the Tungsten TLC.
The ASP Tactical Light Case. Protection, portation, presentation. Another street quality design fromt he company that set the standard.


Trias turbo

Height: 3.38″ 8,5 cm
Width: 1.56″ 4cm
Weight: 3.2 ounces 90g


Height: 3.50″ 8,9 cm

Width: 1.25″ 3,17 cm
Weight: 2.6 ounces 72 grammes
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