Tac Pouch 18 Anifibia

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In its new series of qualified gear for amphibious missions, Tasmanian Tiger is introducing a range of seawater-resistant basics for the 2023 season that will ease cumbersome missions in and around water with ordinary Cordura gear in the future.

The TT Tac Pouch 18 Anfibia stands as a typical tactical accessory pouch in this series that can be ideally combined with the new amphibious plate carriers TT Plate Carrier QR SK Anfibia MKII.


Tasmanian Tiger achieves the special amphibious suitability of the new product range through a combination of seawater-resistant material and a skeletonised surface: the TPU Cordura 700 den is supplemented in the Tac Pouch with a solid mesh at the bottom of the bag, through which any water that enters quickly drains away. How fast has been proven in sufficient tests and shown that the pouch gains only 81 g in weight 20 seconds after removal from the water; this corresponds to about 30% of its own weight.


The Tac Pouch as such measures 31 x 18 x 7 cm with a capacity of 5 litres and can be combined with all TT plate carriers. The M.O.L.L.E Reverse System is attached to the plate carrier or other equipment with four M.O.L.L.E loops. In addition, the lasercut M.O.L.L.E system is attached to the front for holding mag pouches and smaller pieces of equipment.

The flat bag can be further compressed in volume by adjusting the bungee cords on the sides. The bungee cords can be removed. The tactical setup of the pouch is completed by the fleece flap strip on the front, to which patches or name tags can be attached as usual.

  • Skeletonised, waterproof material
  • Mesh bottom for quick water drainage
  • Elastic side compression, removable
  • 5 litre volume
  • Fleece area on the front
  • Flat profile
  • Can be used with all TT Plate Carriers
  • Weight gain, weighed 20 sec after removal during soaking: 81 g (~ 30 %)
  • M.O.L.L.E Reverse System
  • Requires four M.O.L.L.E loops
  • Lasercut M.O.L.L.E system
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