Rimor Bushcraft and Adventure Knife

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The Fox Knives Rimor Bushcraft FX-9CM07 is a cool outdoor knife, designed by Fox for bushcraft purposes. Due to its size and weight it is perfect for chopping tasks, but because of the finger groove just behind the edge you have also have enough room for the finer tasks. The royal recurve ensures that the material you wish to cut is efficiently pulled towards the edge. As such it is very easy to use.

The blade is made from Böhler N690Co steel. This is a stainless type of steel from Austria that is tough and retains its sharpness well. You can also easily sharpen it yourself, even in the field with limited means. The handle is made from FRN. This is a rock-solid, fibreglass reinforced plastic that feels great in hand. Moisture and such won’t affect this material, as such it will function regardless of the circumstances.

Due to its dimensions the Fox Rimor is very versatile. From building outdoor shelter to completing bushcraft tasks. This knife comes with a luxurious Cordura nylon sheath.

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