Opinel N°6

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  • OPINEL KNIFE – Made in the heart of the French Alps since 1890, this knife is now a mythical object of design. The smallest model equipped with a safety ring, the No.06 is convenient for DIY activities, cutting cardboards.
  • UNCOMPARABLE SHARP – Hand sharpened with extreme precision, OPINEL folding knives allow you to cut much easier, due to the domed profile of the OPINEL blade which reduces friction with the cut material, compared to a flat ground blade. The domed profile also ensures a high level of stability and allows even and frequent re-sharpening without the risk of brittle.
  • Carbon steel knife: Opinel carbon steel is an unalloyed, high-carbon steel that allows you to obtain the excellent hardness after the heat treatment operation that guarantees a perfect sharpness as well as high wear resistance and easy re-sharpening. In order to avoid the risk of corrosion, the blade should be dried and greased after use.
  • OPINEL know-how – Invented in 1955 by Marcel Opinel, the Virobloc safety ring equips our closed pocket knives from No. 06 to No. 12. With this rotating ferrule, in addition to locking the blade in the open position, it is now possible to lock the blade in the closed position.
  • A beech wood knife – Beech is the most used wood for the manufacture of Opinel handles. From French farms, it is hard, durable and easy to work with. The handle of this knife collection is varnished to be better protected against moisture and dirt.
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