Observer Plus Olive

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OBSERVER PLUS The perfect bivouac tent with self-standing double -pegs. The two circular tent poles form a kind of dome at the head end, which provides enough space for the user to store equipment. The Observer Plus features slightly sloping lines from the head end to the foot end. The L-shaped opening makes entry and exit convenient, and the bivy tent is closed by two zippers. The front allows an observation area of 180° and can be closed completely in bad weather. A rifle and / or telescope can still be brought into position through the free observation slot. Both the observation slit and the entrance opening are equipped with a mosquito net. Five integrated loops on the backside can be used to fix the insulating mat. BIWACES & BIWAC TENTS A bivouac may be necessary if you can’t find room for a tent or have to involuntarily spend the night outside. That is: a bivy sack can be essential for survival! We offer models that we consistently manufacture from the best materials, GORE-TEX® Gas Permeable Technology is a unique three-layer laminate: completely waterproof and extremely breathable. Unlike the GORE-TEX® membrane used for clothing, GORE-TEX® Gas Permeable Technology is air permeable. Our bivy sacks and tents can therefore be completely closed – absolute weather protection with plenty of comfort!

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