Cut Res Neck Guard Marburg

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The tubular scarf Marburg offers an inconspicuous and very effective cut protection for the neck and neck area. The cut protection is invisibly incorporated between the cotton layers in the tube scarf. The high-quality cotton is pleasant to the skin and can be worn in everyday life without any problems. This product is also ideally suited as a supplement to BRUNNIROK’s cut protection clothing.
Cut protection level 5 according to DIN EN 388:2003, tested and certified in Germany.
Extra-wide, inconspicuously integrated cut protection.
High quality cotton.
Lightweight, comfortable, breathable.
Very thin (1,5mm).
One size fits all.
Made in Europe.
Care instructions: Gentle machine wash 30 degrees, Dry clean, No dryer.
Length: approx. 31 cm.
Weight: approx. 105 g.
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