Flatpack Tourniquet Carrier

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The Flatpack is the most versatile and lowest-profile tourniquet carrier available and it eliminates any and all excuses for not having a vital and life-saving tourniquet on-body. Until now, the EDC of a tourniquet involved a number of compromises.

Windlass tourniquets, like the combat proven North American Rescue CAT and TacMed Solutions SOFTT-Wide, required bulky cases or pocket carry with rubber bands.

Some people also resorted to ineffective gimmicks like slim elastic bands marketed as “tourniquets”, which often prove difficult to operate with one hand or might not adequately occlude blood flow. The Flatpack solves all of those problems. Simply flat-fold your tourniquet of choice, strap it to the backboard, adjust the cord tension to your preference, and carry however you want.

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